Trump tariffs trigger Republican rebellion


Flake, one of the GOP's most outspoken Trump critics, is stoking speculation about his 2020 plans with a Friday appearance in New Hampshire as part of the "Politics & Eggs" speaker series, which draws presidential hopefuls to the first-in-the-nation primary state.

"Tariffs are bad enough on their own".

Companies may claim that Trump's use of the national security rationale is inconsistent with his protectionist public statements, and therefore is an illegitimate use of Section 232, said Raj Bhala, a specialist in worldwide trade law at Kansas University School of Law.

Ryan said he would continue to urge the president to focus the tariffs only on countries that violate trade law, like China.

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Even if there is an initial victory from a friendly court to stay Trump's tariffs, a case would face hard appeals, according to Mark Warner, a Toronto-based trade lawyer with MAAW Law who practices in the US and Canada.

"I think there's a good chance that we will nullify the tariffs", he told reporters. But it should not be used as an excuse for protectionism.

Another law grants extensive powers to the president to negotiate trade agreements, allowing some 15 accords to be struck since 1979.

"A strong steel and aluminum industry are vital to our national security - absolutely vital".

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In the Senate, Republicans are opposing the duties en masse, with Senator Jeff Flake already preparing a bill to "nullify these tariffs".

Even some of Trump's most ardent defenders seemed ready for a fight. Harmful trade policies like this will only hurt American consumers and businesses by driving up manufacturing costs and diminishing productivity. The European Union has announced it is planning to impose tariffs on certain American companies, including Wisconsin-based Harley-Davidson, in retaliation.

"I understand free trade is sometimes a challenge". And in OH, 410,300 workers are directly employed in industries that use steel and aluminum, according to Crain's Cleveland. It's a tax. It's big government. And it's a recipe for killing growth.

The Arizona Republican said it would be "tough to make the case" that the GOP is still the party of free trade. Self-delusion is a powerful toxin, but it's no excuse for having backed and defended an economic illiterate.

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