United Kingdom residents get letters calling for 'Punish a Muslim Day'


According to the NGO, "British Muslims have been targeted (...) A national operation- co-ordinated by Counter Terrorism Policing North East - has been launched after a malicious letter containing messages of hate crime was reported to police by a number of people on Friday (9 March) and over the weekend".

"Are you a sheep like the vast majority of the population?" the letter reads. They have caused you pain and heartache.

Shadow Policing Minister Lou Haigh responded, saying the letters were "an incitement to violence and it can not go unpunished".

It promises "rewards" for people who carry out racist and violent actions, ranging from verbal abuse, pulling headscarves from women's heads, acid attacks, electrocuting Muslims and butchering people.

"This vile letter campaign sent to Muslims across the United Kingdom has caused deep distress and alarm".

Victoria Atkins MP, a Home Office minister, said the letters are part of an ongoing police investigation but the Government condemned the contents of the letter as "clearly abhorrent with no place in decent society".

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"It is equally important that those who have received the letters contact the police as all evidence is vital in helping them find, and hold accountable, whoever is responsible for such hateful rhetoric".

To make the whole thing even more sinister, the letter made the entire thing look like a game by dedicating certain points to each act of violence.

Riaz Ahmed, a politician in West Yorkshire County, told The Mirror that he received one of the letters.

He said: "It was not addressed to anyone, just the address and postcode as if it was sent out randomly".

"Counter Terrorism Policing North East are coordinating the investigation at this time and will consider any potential links to existing enquiries".

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: 'Police are investigating a number of reports of potentially malicious communications sent to individuals in the Bradford area.

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Labour MP Naz Shah, who has herself been accused of a "hate crime" targeting Jewish and Israeli people, said in the statement that the letters were "distressful not only those who have received the letter but also for the wider communities".

Reports on social media show letters have been distributed in various towns and cities across the country, including Bristol, Sheffield and London.

ACC Forber said: "These communications are extremely distressing and we appreciate that members of our communities will be very concerned.

Officers are now investigating the full circumstances".

"Public safety remains our priority and I would urge our communities to be vigilant but not frightened".

"We are working closely with the relevant police forces on this matter which is being treated with the utmost seriousness", it added.

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