Branch County midway on health rankings


In South Carolina, York County was ranked second behind only Beaufort County. 2 and 3 in the rankings.

Sussex ranks as the healthiest county in Delaware.

This is the ninth year for the collaboration between the UW Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

But the county's health behaviors were about as bad as it gets in the state. Even highly ranked Brown and Nicollet counties are above the state average in adult obesity. Teen birth rates are highest among counties in the Southwest and Southeast as well as parts of Appalachia, the Mississippi Delta, and the Plains regions. "They confirm overall health is driven by various social and economic factors that can not be ignored any longer", Ordinans added.

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That's up one spot from previous year when the county was ranked number 33.

Excellent clinical care, a wealth of opportunities for physical activity, and educational achievement helped the county lead the way in North Carolina, ranking 14th in the state for overall health outcomes, an 11-point gain over a year ago, and 3rd overall in health factors that predict a community's overall health moving forward.

By comparison, when the study debuted in 2010, the county ranked 20th in health outcomes.

Pennsylvania counties range from 4 to 11 percent of babies born with low birth weight, the report says.

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Leon County residents reported having experienced four "poor mental health days" within the previous month of the survey. The measures largely come from data already available to them or may not be as up to date as the research states collect.

Karen Matthews, president and CEO of Delta Health Alliance, said her organization is aware of the issues the report highlights in the Delta.

"We need to do more to address the true underlying drivers of health, if we want to see improvements and decrease health care costs." said Dr. Elizabeth Tilson, the state health director and chief medical officer. For more information on the Community Health Assessment, please visit

Dutchess County ranked 14th for health outcomes and ninth for health factors an improvement from 17th in health outcomes a year ago. Nearly all of these patients are African American.

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Last year's rankings also had Quitman as the least healthy, followed by Randolph, Clay, Jefferson and Early. In DeSoto, for instance, 7 percent of white births had a low birthweight while the rate was 13 for black births.