Butler urges smokers to be proud quitters


They suggested fitting fire alarms and getting fire resistant mattresses.Speaking at the event, Breathe, a council-backed organisation, called on people to quit smoking.Simon Lambert, a firefighter at the station, has attended several fires caused by smoking.

Today results of a study of more than 50,000 participants showed an increased risk of hearing loss among current smokers compared with people who had never smoked.

On average, smoking from adolescence and young adulthood takes off 10 years off a person's life.

Dem operatives fume after Hillary disses Trump voters
Clinton slipped on the first few steps, but was saved from falling by a man who was able to hold her up by her left arm. She's annoying everyone, as far as I can tell ", a former Clinton surrogate is reported to have said .

Yorkshire Cancer Research is backing the latest evidence published by Public Health England in February, which states that vaping with e-cigarettes is at least 95% safer than smoking, and that e-cigarette vapour does not harm bystanders.

Smoking causes 25 per cent of all cancers in Northern Ireland and is our greatest cause of preventable death and disease, the charity warned. But it seems that tobacco also damages hearing.

Due to the relative safety of e-cigarettes and their success in helping people quit, Yorkshire Cancer Research is calling for more support to be given to those who wish to vape.

Google Assistant adds iPad support, joins Alexa and Cortana as Siri rivals
This update is merely for the app shortcut listing on the Google Play Store , bringing the APK's minimum API level down to 21. As previously mentioned, Google Assistant for iPad can do everything that it can already do on the iPhone.

What's more, she has concerns about the type of hearing test used (a simple pass/fail test at a single frequency) which she said is "not the optimal way to measure hearing loss".

He also added that nicotine exposure may be harmful to the ears. "Negative coverage in the media has led to a misconception that vaping is unsafe, when the reality is that e-cigarettes have the potential to reduce the harm from tobacco caused to smokers, those around them and the wider society". But now a new and novel effect of the habit has been discovered.

E-cigarettes are not an FDA-recommended quitting method, but they were found to be used more often than approved methods including the nicotine patch and nicotine gum. Other estimates said there were 474,000 hospital admissions attributable to smoking in 2015/16 - which was an increase from 458,000 in 2005/6. Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in a statement that vaping devices are by far the most common source of experimentation with tobacco products among children. "And when it comes to health benefits, I'm now 100% on all of them, bar lung cancer but I'm 67% of the way to being the same as a non-smoker when it comes to the risk of developing lung cancer".

Trump considers TV commentator Kudlow as economic adviser
The president said last week that Cohn, the former top Goldman Sachs executive, was likely to return to his administration in the future.

Michael Bloomberg, the majority owner of Bloomberg LP, parent of Bloomberg News, provides philanthropic support to anti-smoking campaigns and other health initiatives.