Google Assistant adds iPad support, joins Alexa and Cortana as Siri rivals


Like all digital assistants except Siri, the app must be manually opened on the iPad and can not be summoned in the background as on Android devices.

If you have an iPad and have been wanting to use Google Assistant on the larger iOS device, then the wait for the oft-requested feature is finally over.

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Google bought Google Assistant for iPhone past year.

So, what's changed in the jump from iPhone to iPad? The iPad version will also support iOS 11's multitasking mode, so running apps side by side would be a breeze. It also supports multitasking with a split screen. Once you're in the app, Google Assistant has most of the functionality you're used to on other platforms, whether its controlling home automation systems through voice commands, scheduling reminders, or composing text messages.

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As previously mentioned, Google Assistant for iPad can do everything that it can already do on the iPhone.

Google has started rolling out Assistant for iPad and it will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish languages. For instance, Amazon has just announced its Alexa app for tablets, including iPad. This update is merely for the app shortcut listing on the Google Play Store, bringing the APK's minimum API level down to 21.

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