Monster Hunter World Getting Devil May Cry Costume And Weapons


Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter: World will be getting a special Devil May Cry-themed costume and weapon in an upcoming event quest for hunters who want their party to start getting a little insane.

Capcom is releasing a brand new Devil May Cry HD Collection featuring the first three games in the series.

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The reveal comes in the form of a near pitch-perfect trailer that mimics the sights and sounds of the original Devil May Cry, showing numerous monsters challenging the legendary devil hunter.

According to the company, Dante will be available to unlock in the game during an Event Quest at a later date, which hasn't been announced just yet.

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No word on when the collaboration set will be released (and we are still waiting on Sakura) but the method to obtain the Dante set should be similar to the others and will be available to all Monster Hunter: World players when it's out. Players will need to complete the event quest multiple times to gather enough materials to create the new weapon and armor.

While Capcom's Devil May Cry series has gone a through a lot of changes throughout the years, but they always had their attention on offering quick paced battle with some humor and style. Will I play it just so that I can hear Vergil exclaim that he needs more power in the sublime Devil May Cry 3?

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While details are scarce at present, Capcom did say players will be able to use Dante's weapons Force Edge. a.k.a. Players can check out the current event quest schedule on the official Monster Hunter: World website.