Video shows fatal courtroom shooting


The video shows a U.S. Marshall shooting dead, racketeering defendant and gang member Siale Angilau as he attacks a testifying witness.

"Having carefully reviewed the video of Mr. Angilau's swift flight from counsel table", Dowdell wrote in his ruling, "his vault over the witness stand with pen in hand, and his attempt to violently attack the shackled witness, the Court has little difficulty determining that Doe's use of force to immediately stop Angilau's attack was objectively reasonable under the totality of the circumstances".

In a statement obtained by Deseret News US District Court Judge John Dowdell said the video contradicts the plaintiff's argument that Angilau stopped posing a danger within less than one second of launching himself at the witness stand.

The U.S. marshal who fired the shots was cleared of any wrongdoing. He was concealed behind the witness stand when officers opened fire.

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Angilau's lawyer, Robert Sykes, urged the judge to release the video so that the jury could see and decide if excessive force was used in the shooting.

Someone is heard yelling: "Whoa, whoa, whoa", but before any officers could react, Angilau sprinted toward the witness and leaped with his right arm cocked overhead with the pen in hand.

"Those last three shots were all after he's been shot once down on the ground in the back, and that's the problem I have with this case".

An investigation launched into the incident found the officer, who was not named, was legally justified in using force.

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The Angilau family attorney, Bob Sykes, said Monday morning he had not yet had an opportunity to discuss an appeal with his clients but hoped to do so "shortly".

Faces of the judge, attorneys and jurors are blurred out to protect their identities.

Still frame from Associated Press video that shows 2014 Utah federal courthouse shooting. Warning: Viewers may find the video disturbing.

However, Judge Dowdell said that the marshal - referred to as Jane Doe - stopped the attack.

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