John Goodman makes a surprise appearance on 'Saturday Night Live'


Later this month, Hader's new series "Barry" will debut on HBO. Hader broke character about two minutes in, struggling to contain his laughter.

As per usual, Stefon dishes on New York's hottest clubs that have everything. John Mulaney also makes a quick appearance, but the best part is when Hader slips up with some giggles of his own.

Rick and Morty Season 4's future is uncertain
That makes a 2018 premiere date for Rick and Morty Season 4 a virtual impossibility. "I'm sure they all have their reasons". However, as Harmon noted, Adult Swim hasn't actually picked up the critically-acclaimed series for a fourth season.

Goodman, who has hosted SNL a dozen times since 1989, showed up to give Kate McKinnon a well-deserved break from playing every member of the administration.

As for what else might be SNL material tonight, there's so much President Trump news, from the upcoming Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson getting told "You're fired!" to Donny Trump Jr's divorce, it would seem nearly impossible for Alec Baldwin not to be back for tonight's SNL as our beleaguered Commander-in-Chief.

Former South African President Charged
Abrahams said the director of public prosecutions in KwaZulu-Natal will facilitate the process for Zuma to appear in court. The former South African leader was beset by scandal during his tenure as president.

But Keenan Thompson stole the show as O.J. Simpson.

PopularSaturday Night Live cast members returning to host often score in the ratings - SNL's season high marks this season belong to the January episode hosted by Will Ferrell.

From Russian spy poisoning to diplomatic tensions
Sergey Skripal was a high-ranking Russian security official who was working for the British as a double agent. A subsequent pathologist report found that Glushkov died by a "compression to the neck", the police said.

Hader and the band actually made a pair of promos, with the first making an easy joke out of how many people are in Arcade Fire.