Struggling to get dates with pictures? Tinder's giving videos a go


Tinder did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the "login loop" may be a result of Facebook's recent update to the way third-party apps, like Tinder, can access Facebook data.

The world has been in crisis this morning with popular dating app Tinder down for several hours. And that could lead to less surprise on first dates, as people will have already gotten a better sense of who they're meeting, as well as how they like to have fun.

One of the ways users can log into Tinder includes accessing it through Facebook, so it can access information on their profiles.

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Are you still using dating apps?

Tinder Loops is now undergoing testing in Sweden and Canada among iOS users.

A new "Add Media" button will allow you to cut your selected two seconds out of a video of your choice, although Live Photos are already short enough that they shouldn't require any trimming. Tinder then asks you to hand over "relationship interests, work history, and education history" from Facebook. Users will also be able to edit the video and select the flawless moment to share as a Tinder Loop.

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Facebook's changes in response to the scandal appeared to stop Tinder from getting access to the information it obtains from its users - including their logins. Facebook began approving these permissions individually in 2014, but it is now tightening the review process, requiring that apps sign agreements before gaining access to this data. Hinge started allowing users to add videos up to 30 seconds long to their profiles; Match and Bumble announced Stories-like features involving video (BumbleVID didn't pan out); and Zoosk tried video in a separate app, Lively, which has since pivoted to trivia.

The app has been bringing up an error message to booted users, titled Facebook Permissions, stating that users need to provide more Facebook permissions in order to create or use a Tinder account.

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