'Ghost Recon Wildlands' Is Free This Weekend, With A 'Splinter Cell' Update


Unless it ends up being a new Splinter Cell.... In addition, the mission is labeled as "Special Operation 1" which means more missions are coming soon.

According to the company, a rogue Central Intelligence Agency agent has come to Bolivia to sell top-secret Intel to the Santa Blanca, and it is your mission to help Sam stop him.

Ubisoft teased Sam Fisher's appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands a few days ago and now the company has revealed how he will be joining the game.

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Ubisoft has announced that from today players can take part in the special Splinter Cell-themed mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands as part of the Special Operation major update. Ubisoft will also release a bunch of new stuff along with the mission, like the Echelon PVP class, which is a grunt from Sam's Fourth Echelon team.

It's official - Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher will be available inside Ghost Recon Wildlands tomorrow. It will be initially available to those with the Year 2 pass or by purchasing it with Prestige points. The update, which will be playable in solo or in co-op modes, sees Fisher infiltrating a guarded camp. For more detailed information about the patch, you can visit here. Ironside last lent his voice for "Splinter Cell: Blacklist", which released in 2013.

We'd be lying if we said that this is our preferred way for Sam Fisher to return to the world of gaming, but it sounds like the Ghost Recon team are doing everything they can to make sure that the Splinter Cell operative feels right at home in Wildlands.

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The update also brings the Splinter Cell Gear Pack, with new customization options and weapons including the Karambit knife and SC4000 assault rifle, plus the Echelon assault class for the Ghost War PvP mode. The limited-time reward for completing the mission will net players their very own pair of Sam Fisher-grade night-vision goggles.

Anyone who now owns the game will get the mission for free while the PvP content will be available for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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