HP Chromebook x2 is world's first detachable Chromebook tablet


With the keyboard attached, the Chromebook x2 is 15.3mm thick and and weighs 3.14 pounds (1.42kg), while in tablet mode it's 8.2mm thick and weighs 1.62 pounds (735g). That means you get a touchscreen tablet that contains all the vital components needed to make the computer function, and a sturdy keyboard dock that should feel more like a laptop, and less like the snap-on keyboard for the iPad Pro. Featuring a 12.3-inch Quad HD (2,400 x 1,600) touch display coated in Corning's Gorilla Glass 4, the Chromebook x2 is powered by Intel's 7 generation Core m3-7Y30 processor alongside up to 8GB of RAM and 32GB of expandable local storage. There's also two USB-C ports, a microSD port, headphone jack, and cameras front and back.

The Chromebook x2 with its stylus and keyboard starts at $599. It won't be available until June which can cause problems for HP considering more manufacturers will be launching their own Chrome OS tablets as well in the coming weeks. But to me, neither of these devices truly hit the spot, because they still lack the one feature you need for real productivity: A keyboard. The device is built to run Android apps for the Google Play store as a tablet or notebook. Stylus support is still a bit lacking, but the Chromebook X2 comes with an active stylus.

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HP was one of the first to have a Windows on ARM convertible, and now it's getting in early on Chromebook tablets, with the launch of the HP Chromebook x2. The company wants to appeal to users who are warming up to the idea of using Chrome OS as their primary PC operating system.

100GB of free Google Cloud storage, valid for for two years, is also included with the Chromebook.

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An affordable HP Chromebook x2 has the versatility that allows using the device in a variety of modes.

Google and HP both have realized that Android support has become important for the Chrome OS. The magnetic hinge is pretty special, guaranteeing a much smoother connection between the full-sized keyboard base and large 12.3-inch slate than, say, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a keyboard or 12.3-inch Surface Pro (2017) and Type Cover.

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Now HP is leading the charge in the 2-in-1 detachable Chromebook space with its Chromebook x2.