Instagram launches Focus, a portrait mode camera feature


Focus gives people another reason to choose Instagram over Snapchat, and could make shooting inside the Instagram app more appealing.

Instagram will be rolling out some new updates on Tuesday, with the most newsworthy being a brand new portrait mode feature called Focus for individuals using older devices.

The motive behind Nametags would be to make it easier for people to visually promote their Instagram accounts.

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Focus will be available for the iPhone 6S and select Android smartphones.

When you open the camera, you'll see "Focus" next to "Superzoom" under the record button. Users also have the option to add their selfie with AR filters on their face which will appear in the background instead of a color or emoji.

The mode can be used for both photos and videos.

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Once you have a shot you like, tap the screen to capture the images, or tap-and-hold to record a video.

"Before Zuckerberg's scheduled congressional testimony on privacy, Facebook had been doing a companywide review of all its products, making sure, the company says, that it's using data only in ways that benefit users and can be understood by them".

Additionally, there's a new way to mention another Instagram user on iOS. Be it the Stories feature or the special effects like facial masks and texts, all of it were imitated by Facebook-owned Instagram.

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However, with this new Instagram Focus feature, you can take portrait mode images within Instagram itself, avoiding the need to bounce from one app to the other. Select it, and find the user just like mentioning them in a photo caption.