'Radical Heights' is a 'Fortnite' and 'PUBG' Competitor From Boss Key


While the Battle Royale genre has been getting flooded lately, with newcomers to the genre finding it hard to keep up with Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Radical Heights does appear to be bringing its own ideas to the table.

After Lawbreakers, the hero shooter with an identity crisis, struggled so dramatically to make any kind of impact, it was a big question as to where Boss Key Productions would go next. You can withdraw from an ATM to "purchase weapons early in the next game" or just use the funds to customize your "personal prize room".

More information on all of that can be found via the game's newly-launched Steam page. You play as one of the participants on this game show who must not only kill the competition but try to score a little cash along the way.

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For starters, Radical Heights is styled with an '80s aesthetic and infuses game show elements into traditional Battle Royale gameplay - reminiscent of the movie Running Man.

The new game is being hyped by the studio as "a free *X-TREME Early Access* battle royale shooter" and will be available either later today or tomorrow here in Australia.

According to Boss Key, it has "some really unique twists we want to put in the Battle Royale genre", so launching in Early Access is its way to "share those high level ideas with our community quickly". You'll also come across cash and prizes in the world.

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Boss Key added that "Early Access is an incredible opportunity for us to get the core foundation of the game into players' hands and start building a community nearly immediately". Boss Key clearly want to stress that it's even earlier days than usual.

Keeping in with the decade of mullets and mobile brick phones, Radical Heights will feature a variety of 80s-inspired gear, such as BMX bikes, workout trampolines, confetti bombs, and other barmy toys to get your hands on. After the failure of Lawbreakers to gain an audience upon release, the studio needed to produce a title that will curry interest with fans to the extent that it can sustain a sizeable player base.

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