Apple Must Pay $502.6 Million to VirnetX, Federal Jury Rules


For now, Apple's lawyers aren't commenting and VirnetX is celebrating a victory.

The October ruling related specifically to older Apple devices, while the latest $502.6 million sum covers Apple's newer devices. A federal jury in East Texas has found that Apple is guilty of infringing secure communications patents belonging to VirnetX Holding Corp., a notorious patent troll that has been battling Apple in court for almost eight years now.

Over two years ago, VirnetX announced that it was seeking $532 million in damages from Apple over patent infringements relating to iMessage, FaceTime, and VPN technologies. Damages were based upon sales of more than 400 million Apple devices, according to Bloomberg.

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The evidence was clear.

For VirnetX, the jury verdict in its favor could be a short-lived victory.

The legal battle started in 2010 and had bounced between courts and trials. In cases that are before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (USPTO) has already made the determination that the patents in question are invalid.

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Apple in its defense says that it has never wavered in its stance that it did nothing wrong despite having to go through a lot of bumps and hoops in court.

A few months later, a federal jury in Texas ordered Apple to pay up again, but this time in total amount of $302.4 million. Apple has been targeted by this twice over the last several years.

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