Organ donations at a record high


Every week, more than 150 people on the national transplant waiting list die because a lifesaving organ is not available.

The Canadian Transplant Society (CTS) says it has seen a "huge" increase in the number of young people signing up as organ donors.

The government is now looking to further improve the supply of donations by introducing an opt-out system for organ donation, meaning it will be assumed that people are willing to donate their organs unless otherwise specified.

"The objective of the green ribbon campaign is to bring awareness to the fact that we need more donors, and how much good it does to be a donor", Kevin Allen, public affairs coordinator at Midwest Transplant Network, says.

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The hospital authorities said that they were waiting for the patient to stabilize for removing the foetus out of the woman's body. Hundreds of women were affected and a doctor said when the case first made news that there was a risk of long term complications.

The defenceman's organs will help save six people's lives.

The federally designated, nonprofit organ procurement organization hopes to raise awareness of the importance of registering to be an organ donor throughout the month of April through their Green Ribbon campaign.

The British Columbia's organ donation agency also reported a more than 600 percent increase in interested organ donors in the weekend following the crash, compared to two weeks earlier. "And when that comes up, people want to act".

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"My entire immediate family are organ donors", LePage said. "You never know when this kind of tragedy could happen to you".

Before his death, Boulet's family confirmed he was being kept on life support so doctors could remove his organs for donation, per his wishes.

Roman Catholic bishop Paul Mason has said plans for an opt-out system "undermine the concept of donation as a gift, and cross the line of what is a reasonable action for the state to take in relation to the individuals within it".

For the first year ever, more than 1,500 people in the United Kingdom donated their organs after they died, with the number rising by 11 percent over the previous year. "His condition was irreversible, which fact was made known to his family".

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On Friday April 6, 22,949 people were signed up.