Apple's stumbling HomePod isn't the hot seller company wanted


Apple has had to cut down on its HomePod orders after the smart speaker had an underwhelming two months of sales, according to news outlet Bloomberg.

Apple has not commented on the report. However the catching up will take time and at present, Apple has reportedly lowered sales forecasts and cut some orders with Inventec Corp., according to a new report.

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It's still early days for HomePod - but there's no doubt that it's facing some problems.

Not helping matters is that the HomePod - due to ongoing delays - wasn't available for purchase during last year's holiday shopping season where smart speakers proved to be incredibly popular with consumers.

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Apple often says it doesn't strive to sell the most units in any particular category and points to revenue and user experience instead.

AppleInsider's reporter Daniel Dilger posted a report today challenging the data from Slice Intelligence wherein he noted that "Apple has repeatedly challenged analysts and reporters for sensationalizing rumors of channel checks and trying to extrapolate simplistic conclusions from rumors of channel data involving a specific vendor". Google Home and Sonos Ones garnered 8% and 5% of revenues, respectively. Originally expected to launch in December, Apple pushed back the release to February of this year. Google, on the other hand, will likely sell 18 million Home speakers in 2018 and 32 million in 2019.

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Another issue, HomePod's ability to mark certain wood surfaces with white rings, was discovered soon after the speaker's release. The Apple Watch faced challenges when it launched, too, and is now widely recognized as the top performing smartwatch on the market (although still a tiny part of its maker's business). The report that was revealed today said that it failed to specify Apple's sales expectations for HomePod and it doesn't assign a figure about the order reduction. Yet Siri's inability to rival Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant in practicality, including answering questions or ordering food, has placed HomePod at a competitive disadvantage relative to less expensive smart speakers.