Epic Games Offering Some Free Items Due To Fortnite Server Outages


Many gamers are trying to log into the game and discovering that the Fortnite server is down right now. You'll find one in Tilted Towers, one in Retail Row, and plenty more shops dotted around. Drake chose to play with a twitch streamer named Ninja, who now is one of the top Fortnite players.

The assault rifle is one of the bread and butter type weapons in the game, so earning this one won't be almost as hard as the challenge makes it seem. However, when you read the rest of the Reddit post, it certainly sounds serious.

Update - Matchmaking is degraded as a result of current account service issues.

Android smartphone makers and their security patches
Clearly, Google , Sony, Samsung , and the lesser-known Wiko are at the top of the list, while TCL and ZTE are at the bottom. Does that necessarily mean that TCL and ZTE are at fault? Besides manufacturers, SRL said some chip makers are to blame.

Numerous professional gamers and other industry insiders have come up with their reviews by saying that they have permanently removed the Guided Missiles weapon from the game entirely and there's no way to get it back.

Over the past 24 hours, no one could login to Fortnite, being pushed away from the game and pushed to spare their free time in playing different games than Fortnite. But all that came to a halt Wednesday thanks to a server outage. The Fortnite community forum is filled with reports from players who are complaining about the fact that they can't login into their accounts. After all, there have been many different limited-time game modes, and a lot of them have received a great feedback from the community. We can't wait to see what you create.

We're changing the Mini-Boss Mission Alerts for Canny and Twine back to their pre v3.5 state.

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Five countries - Bolivia, China, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Russia - voted in favor, failing to pass the threshold of nine. Russia vetoed a USA text, while two Russian-drafted resolutions failed to get a minimum nine votes to pass.

While there was no explanation at first, Epic have since confirmed that maintenance is taking place on the game, though no official time or date has been given for its return. The next update was earlier this morning when the company said the Fortnite server is down again.

Epic Games release a weekly content update for their free-to-play title which brings new stuff into the game in an attempt to keep it fresh.

IShares MSCI EAFE ETF (IVE) Declined -0.36% on Apr 11
Locating those overlooked sectors with growth potential might be a good way to uncover those stocks that are ready to make a run. Rising trends are defined by a trendline that is drawn between two or more troughs (low points) to identify price support.