Mice ate missing drugs, say fired police


Eight police officers in Argentina have been fired after blaming mice for the disappearance of half a ton of cannabis from a police warehouse.

Officials found that there were 5,460 kilograms of cannabis in the storage unit, 540 kilograms less than the amount that was supposed to be there.

Eight police officers in Argentina have been sacked after they claimed that a half a ton of marijuana that disappeared from an evidence locker was eaten by mice. The officers claimed that mice had eaten the missing drugs, a claim which has since been debunked.

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According to the Guardian, the drugs disappeared from a police warehouse in in the town of Pilar, 60km outside the capital city of Buenos Aires.

Scientists have cast doubt on their claim, saying mice wouldn't mistake the drug for food.

Former police chief commissioner Javier Specia was hauled before a judge along with three of his subordinates, but they all claimed the drugs had been "eaten by mice".

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Experts from the University of Buenos Aires doubted it.

It's still fun to imagine mice running around smoking the tiniest, cutest blunts we've ever seen and getting red eye and even more extreme munchies than they usually seem to have, but such an image is only likely through animation.

The police officers are due to appear in court again on May 4, when a judge will rule on whether or not the marijuana was lost due to their "expedience or negligence".

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