New strikes pound Ghouta after alleged gas attack


The opposition-linked Syrian Civil Defense were able to document 42 fatalities but were impeded from searching further by strong odors that gave their rescuers difficulties breathing, said Siraj Mahmoud, a spokesman for the group, which is known as the White Helmets.

"If you look at it from the Syrian government's point of view as we understand it, they look at the people of Douma as hostages in a hostage situation eager to go to freedom just like their fellow eastern Ghouta people did..."

Smith says the trip had been organized for months.

He said: "If there is incontrovertible evidence of the use of chemical weapons, verified by the Office of the Prevention of Chemical Weapons, if we know that it's happened and we can demonstrate it, and if there is a proposal for action where the United Kingdom could be useful, then I think that we should seriously consider it".

President Donald Trump is condemning what he calls a "mindless CHEMICAL attack" in Syria that has killed women and children. Some had blue skin, a sign of oxygen deprivation.

It did manage to deliver Atropine ampoules, a medicine used to save lives after exposure to nerve agents.

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 11 people had died as a result of suffocation caused by the smoke from conventional weapons being dropped by the government.

After days of talks and a respite from bombing, negotiations collapsed and strikes resumed Friday, killing almost 100 people, according to the Observatory.

He said the government was also targeting homes, clinics, and first responder facilities with conventional explosives and barrel bombs. This situation, the news outlet stated, was the key drive behind the Jaysh al-Islam media wing to charge the Syrian forces with the use of chemical weapons in an effort to force-stop the operation by arousing worldwide solidarity.

The Syrian government denied the affirmations and said the cases were fabrications by the Army of Islam to impede government progresses.

The Syrian Red Crescent said their hospital in Douma received six patients complaining of respiratory problems, but said they didn't seem to have any physical problems at all, nor was there any trace of any chemical agents they might've been exposed to.

The 10-day truce between the two sides collapsed over a disagreement regarding the evacuation of the Army of Islam fighters from the city.

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A year ago, President Trump ordered an airstrike of an air base in Syria following another chemical attack in the rebel held northwestern town of Khan Sheikhoun, where at least 58 people died.

The attack took place in a town called Douma, which is in Syria's region of Eastern Ghouta.

That attack prompted the United States to launch several dozen Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian air base.

Referring to President Emmanuel Macron's warning that France could strike unilaterally if there was a deadly chemical attack, Le Drian said that Paris would assume all its responsibilities in the fight against the proliferation of chemical weapons.

"These reports, if confirmed, are horrifying and demand an immediate response by the worldwide community", she said in a statement late Saturday. The group blamed the Syrian regime. Sunday's accord would tighten the government's grip on eastern Ghouta and bring it one step closer to reclaiming the whole of the Damascus suburb.

Hundreds of civilians have been killed in Eastern Ghouta since the Syrian army began new air strikes on February 18.

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