EA Confirms Battlefront II Will Start Selling Premium In-Game Currency Again


In the mode, players will start as either an Ewok or in a group of Stormtroopers.

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The new mode is called Ewok Hunt and recreates the Battle of Endor. These are among the 50 new personalization items that will be available with the new update.

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EA posted more information on the "Night of Endor" DLC over on the official Star Wars Battlefront 2 forum pages. After removing the microtransactions and refining the progression system Star Wars Battlefront II has become a much better experience. The Endor Update is set to go live for the game on April 18. Stormtroopers must hold out until an extraction team arrives, but it's not going to be easy, Even with stormtroopers being armored, equipped with advanced weaponry, and even flashlights, Ewoks can ambush from anywhere with spears, firefly-like creatures known as Wisties, and various other skills. At least we're not getting a Jar Jar mode.

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Our spotlight this month falls onto VicenteProD, who has been creating some truly remarkable Star Wars Battlefront II screenshots. It is the Ewoks' task to eliminate the Stormtroopers; the troopers must withstand the attack until evacuation. The Crystals represent the micro-transaction system, as you will be able to buy them with real money. Credits are earned through in-game activity and can be redeemed toward Appearances, as well. Seasons will revolve around specific themes; the studio hasn't revealed what Season Two's theme will be, but focusing on the upcoming Solo film is a possibility. "We had the intent that was designed for us to have more people play it over a longer period of time", Söderlund explained. A Q&A near the end of the community update teases Clone Wars content coming to Battlefront II eventually, but whether that will be part of one of the monthly content drops or larger seasons remains to be seen.