How the planning sector fares when it comes to gender pay split


Overall, the study found that in 2017, on average men were indeed paid 17.6% more than women, which was in line with other research on the subject.

As discussed on Music Business Worldwide, the average shared between the major labels sits at 33.8 per cent.

F&C Asset Management, which is owned by the Bank of Montreal, reported a wage gap of 34 per cent and an 82 per cent gap in bonuses paid. (Men didn't see their salaries drop at all.) All in all, women earn $12,600 less than men before children are born and $25,100 less afterward. Sony and Warner's statistics are similarly unbalanced, where figures of 63.3 per cent and 74 per cent in favour of men were reported respectively.

Forcing companies to disclose their gender pay gap has been like pulling back the curtain. For the past three years, we've been focused on making WMUK a more dynamic and forward-thinking organisation.

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I was delighted to be able to tell Dan that Parfetts is one of the 8% of companies reporting a zero gender pay gap at the median level.

The report estimates as much as 68 percent of the gender pay gap by occupation for college graduates is because of the within-occupation gap. In Sweden, known for its liberal views, just 36% of respondents felt that equal pay was the most important; in the United Kingdom, 30%.

The researchers report that their main results showed that the gap between men and women's earnings doubled between two years before the birth of the first child and the year after that child is born - and it was driven entirely by the drop in the women's salary.

Financial Times journalist Billy Ehrenberg-Shannon has compiled detailed industry breakdowns and data visualisations of what can be gleaned from the reams of gender pay gap data disclosed.

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Cllr Arthur said the council's gender pay gap was lower than the national average, but higher than surrounding boroughs.

Charlotte Morphet, co-founder of networking group Women in Planning, said the gap is also likely to reflect different working patterns between men and women. A study published by the Census Bureau in November points out that although women have gotten more education and entered male-dominated professions, the age at which a woman has children goes hand-in-hand with the pay gap in heterosexual relationships. Becky spoke eloquently and honestly at last year's Women in Wholesale conference and we have increased our backing for this event with another senior manager presenting this year as well as Greg Suszczenia, joint Parfetts MD, participating as a mentor this year.

Black and Hispanic women are paid least relative to white men. "That's a key reason behind the discrepancy".

The Telegraph's pay gap pledge comes as... "Women are often overrepresented in low-paid and low-skilled jobs, whereas men are likely to make up the bulk of workers in senior and high-paid roles". Women, for one, account for 61pc of those earning less than the real living wage and make up a large proportion of those in jobs that are "unskilled". Motherhood incurs a pay penalty. The figures are illuminating and helpful but, unless they are followed by proactive steps to address inequality, the whole thing will amount to a pretty pointless exercise.

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The statement claimed that across three-quarters of the United Kingdom business, there is "no evidence of an appreciable gender pay gap", with the publisher attributing the gap to the senior leadership team, many of whom are "long standing" at the company.