WP: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces another request to testify


Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based voter profiling firm, as well as other analytics companies, obtained data on 87 million Facebook users after a Cambridge University researcher named Aleksandr Kogan created an app to harvest data and passed it along to the firms.

"Yes or no", asked Sen.

Facebook now allows third-party apps access to Facebook information, with users' consent. "We don't do that".

Examples of data "about you" might include your browsing history and data gleaned from cookies, tracking pixels, and the like button widget, as well as social graph data supplied whenever Facebook users supply the platform with access to their phone or email contact lists.

Larger, more dominant companies like Facebook have the resources to comply with government regulation, he said, but "that might be more hard for a smaller startup to comply with".

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The way things are going, it looks like Zuckerberg will have to dust himself off for a progressively harder time with the US Congress in the coming months.

The E.U.'s General Data Protection Regulation will impose much stronger privacy obligations and much more proactive privacy obligations on companies, Laidlaw said.

The stolen data was so widespread that it even swept up information on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

With an audit of thousands of Facebook apps under way, we may hear more in the coming weeks about just how cavalier some companies have been with our personal data. Third parties will no longer be able to make quite such free use of the unfathomable quantities of data that Facebook accumulates.

"We only store them temporarily and we convert the weblogs into a set of ad interests that you might be interested in those ads, and we put that in the "download your information" [feature] and you have complete control over that", he said.

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It added $21.3 billion to Facebook's market value and $3 billion to Zuckerberg's personal net worth, Fortune reported.

The Facebook founder was grilled with basic queries about the company's business model to everything about data privacy, political ads, censorship, and the works.

Eight years ago, the world was already anticipating that Facebook may be in the position to sell people's information, as has happened in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

He said the company made big changes in the platform in 2014 that have prevented this specific situation with Cambridge Analytica from occurring again.

Before reading this article, you may want to watch this three-minute video or read this brief explainer about how a political firm, Cambridge Analytica, used Facebook to acquire private data on millions of Americans. It doesn't. But it does trade off user data.

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Facebook is often quite deliberate in its characterisations of "your data", rejecting the notion that it "owns" user data. And what should also be clear after the hearings is just how little care social media giants have taken to construct products that are hard for bad actors to exploit.