Apple: 12 People Were Arrested for Leaks in 2017


Whether the memo cuts down on leaks remains to be seen.

According to Bloomberg, the lengthy memo disclosed that previous year in 2017, 29 leakers were caught out of which 12 were arrested.

Apple has a message for its employees: if you're caught leaking confidential company information, you could lose your job and even face criminal charges.

Apple also called part-time employees or those who normally work for AppleCare but ultimately was forced to call in people from other companies.

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The report mentions instances in the past where information was leaked to journalists and how that could give its competition a lead time to take corrective measures in their product portfolio so as to compete with Apple.

"In some cases, [leakers] face jail time and massive fines", Apple said, adding that in 2017, it caught 29 leakers, 12 of whom were arrested.

"The negotiations are still in flux", the report notes, "and a recent visit of Samsung honchos to Apple's headquarters didn't end with mutual understanding". In February 2018, Apple's iBoot code was posted on GitHub.

Apple is known to launch its products in a press event and also keeps details about its upcoming products a secret. It is said that lowering the price of the iPhone X won't make much sense for Apple so it might just stop the production of the particular device. His latest research noted that three new iPhones will launch this year.

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"Within days, the leaker was identified through an internal investigation and fired".

Leakers in the supply chain are getting caught, too.

Leakers do not simply lose their jobs at Apple. 12 of them were arrested. They also state that once a leaker is fired, Apple will try hard to make finding employment elsewhere almost impossible. Now, Apple Store employees have admitted that the Cupertino-based company is hiring external contractors to assist the Apple Store employees. They are the result of a decision by someone who may not have considered the impact of their actions. He fortifies, "The best way to honor those contributions is by not leaking".

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