Locals March For Science


He encouraged the crowd - who had gathered as part of the nationwide March for Science - to decrease emissions, vote for politicians who understand those issues or run for office themselves.

"Too often nowadays, decisions are based on ideology or special interests rather than empirical evidence", said attendee Randolph Bower, an air-pollution scientist at a Research Triangle Park firm.

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Asked to comment on Friday, Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The Times, said , " Mr. The focus will be on past Democratic criticism of Comey.

About 5,000 people were expected to attend the Washington D.C. March for Science on Saturday, with thousands of others attending similar marches in cities around the country, the Washington Post reported. "You'll learn a lot, you can educate the public, but ultimately, you'll get to show support for science and help scientists solve these issues". Worldwide attendance was an estimated 1 million people in 2017.

University of British Columbia biology student Lauren Kasper, who is in Saskatoon on a co-op with the U of S, pointed out that science has consistently improved the quality of people's lives for generations, citing the discovery of the chickenpox vaccine.

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Corbyn also said countries involved should get around a negotiating table to find an end to the civil war by political means. The comments come after Theresa May won the backing of her Cabinet for military action against Syrian forces.

"We can not make decisions unless we know the truth and we know the facts".

"Funding for science continues to remain abysmally low in India while all developed countries or those aspiring to reach that stage of development are, in keeping with requirements of the knowledge era, investing much higher proportions of GDP in S&T research", said a statement by the organisers. Let me repeat: "Good science needs good democracy", she said.

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"For every Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison there are dozens of Albert Einsteins and Elon Musks and Wernher von Brauns", he said.