New secret BioShock title is now under development


The fact a new BioShock game is now in development should come as a shock to absolutely no one.

After the troubled release of Mafia III, numerous people who worked on the title moved on to new studios. Apparently, the project has been so secretive that those working on the game wouldn't even discuss it with their Hangar 13 colleagues.

A new BioShock game is reportedly in the works at an unnamed 2K studio, according to Kotaku's Jason Schreier.

The new micro-console that Sega has just revealed looks basically like a miniature version of the original Japanese Mega Drive. Next, SEGA announced SEGA Ages for the gaming console Nintendo Switch and stated that it would be available at Nintendo eShop.

Whilst the following is a stretch, signs are pointing at the secret studio being made up of Hanger 13 and BioShock-affiliated 2K Marin members.

It's not a surprise that a new BioShock game is in development considering the popularity of the series.

It's been several years since we have seen a new game from the popular BioShock franchise, although a new game from the franchise might be coming out very soon.

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However, it wasn't as easy as just bringing Hangar 13 employees over to work on BioShock.

Despite Ken Levine's Irrational Games shutting down in 2014 and shutting down all hope of a future for the BioShock series, it looks like the series may be poised for a comeback. There's a high probability this title is Borderlands 3, but BioShock also fits the bill. Instead, it allows the studios to decide when it's time to reveal a project. However, a hand full setup shop in the studio next door and is supposedly working on a yet to be announced BioShock game.

2K Games confirmed Fergusson's announcement, but wouldn't comment on the studio nor what it would be working on. What little evidence is available at present though, seems to point in that direction.

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