The Cambridge Analytica data breach also harvested people's private Facebook messages


Facebook was getting to the bottom of exactly what Cambridge Analytica did and telling everyone affected. However, this meant that the Facebook Events data would also include information about who else attended the event, as well as any posts shared on the event's wall. The data collection didn't violate any rules.

Aleksandr Kogan, the academic who harvested Facebook data for Cambridge Analytica, also took users' private messages.

"In principle, I think that that makes sense, and the details matter, and I look forward to having our team work with you on fleshing that out", Zuckerberg said.

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, Facebook has been under intense scrutiny and pieces of information about data policies continue to spring up almost every day, reports COMPLEX.

Since the data privacy scandal relating to Cambridge Analytica the company had suffered great losses and while the company has not yet regained these losses, the turnaround suggests traders are less anxious about the heavy-handed regulation of tech companies than they were before.

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And Mark Zuckerberg added: "A number of people suggest that we should offer a version where people cannot have ads if they pay a monthly subscription, and certainly we consider ideas like that".

You can blame him all you want, but when you think about it, we have become the flawless target for fake, because we live it every day with each post. We may use your response in a follow up story.

He said Facebook also uses information to support its $350-billion company.

"We heard feedback from thousands of parents and they want control over their communication with kids", Zuckerberg said. "And I'm sorry", Zuckerberg said Tuesday during his testimony before the Senate's Commerce and Judiciary committees.

When Blackburn asked him if Facebook was manipulating algorithms to prioritize or censor speech, Zuckerberg answered that there are types of speech - like terrorism - that Facebook is "very proud" to have removed from its site. Orrin Hatch, a senator from Utah, even asked Zuckerberg how Facebook's business model works given that it is free. Just give us five to swot up on our data policies and we're ready. In his opening remarks at US Congress, he said: "Facebook is an idealistic and optimistic company".

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Facebook on Monday said: "Our goals are to understand Facebook's impact on upcoming elections - like Brazil, India, Mexico and the U.S. midterms - and to inform our future product and policy decisions".

"We require these security measures for the company's benefit because of the importance of Mr. Zuckerberg to Facebook, and we believe that the costs of this overall security program are appropriate and necessary", the filing continues.

Investors in other social media stocks are enjoying a bump too. "We build planes to help connect people, and I don't consider ourselves to be an aerospace company", he said. "We didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake".

"Most of what I found was not at all surprising", he said. I started Facebook, I run it, and, at the end of the day, I am responsible for what happens here.

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