Victim Lorincz accuses Michigan State interim president of payoff offer


During a Michigan State University board of trustees meeting, a Larry Nassar victim accused the school's interim president of trying to buy her off to get her to drop her lawsuit against the school.

According to Bleacher Report, the MSU interim president told Nassar survivor Kaylee Lorincz that she should take the schools offer of $250,000 and settle her lawsuit without her lawyer present. Lorincz said she asked Denhollander about the incident, and that Denhollander said she had never met with Engler or given him a dollar amount. I told him how much I love MSU and wanted to help them heal, to make real change. It was like a 45 minute, hour-long meeting (I had with Engler) and he probably brought up money like 12 times.

Lorincz said she asked to meet with Engler to talk about "healing" and rebuilding trust at MSU in wake of the Nassar scandal.

"I felt like I was being bullied into saying something and that if Rachael gave him a settlement amount, it was okay for me to do it too", Lorincz said. Carol Viventi said, 'Well you're in civil litigation, aren't you?

Guerrant did not respond to phone calls from ESPN seeking more information Friday.

Engler became interim president in January after Lou Anna Simon resigned due to Nassar being sentenced for the crimes against Michigan State students.

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Lorincz is one of more than 200 women who have filed civil lawsuits claiming sexual assault abuse from Nassar, including Olympic gymnasts Aly Raisman and Simone Biles. Michigan State and its board of trustees are listed as co-defendants in many of those lawsuits.

Lorincz said Engler made the offer when she visited the school to sign up to speak at Friday's meeting.

She said she expressed an interest in working with the university to try to improve the way it has handled sexual assault cases on campus.

"Mr. Engler then looked directly at me and asked, 'Right now if I wrote you a check for $250,000 would you take it?' When I explained that it's not about the money for me and that I just want to help, he said, 'Well give me a number.' He also said that he had met with Rachael Denhollander and that she gave him a number".

Denhollander said she has never met with Engler.

Lorincz eventually finished her statement, saying to the board that, "When you protect and promote a sexual predator and foster a culture of lies and cover-ups, you are responsible". "He has said some hurtful things and I wanted him to know that when he does that, he causes me to feel victimized all over again". "No one has given him a number".

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Lorincz said that Engler attacked her attorneys, who were not present for this meeting.

Saying that people could have "different interpretations of the same meeting", Guerrant said, "I don't disagree with the themes she mentioned in there". "You're not even supposed to say hello if you pass each other in the restroom". What kind of a person does that?

The woman, Kaylee Lorincz, also said Mr. Engler played down the behavior of William Strampel, Dr. Nassar's boss and the former dean of MSU's College of Osteopathic Medicine, who himself has been arrested and charged with sexual misconduct. Lorincz said Engler told her, "Oh, that was no big deal". "My jaw dropped, and I said 'Just a slap on the butt?" I am sorry if anything said during the meeting was misunderstood. Engler didn't make an attempt to refute the details of the conversation.

'We sat in a conference room where I briefly told President Engler my story.

"There's new leadership in nearly all of these places, so I think the ability of Michigan State to respond is dramatically different and better than it was a year ago", he said.

Lyons said he had not yet discussed the matter with Engler.

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