Guard Your Privacy by Deleting These 5 Things From Your Facebook Page


Mr. Zuckerberg's suggestion that Facebook's data-mishandling problems have been the innocent byproduct of a plucky, upstart website growing too fast for its creators to keep up is both a grasp at a too-convenient avoidance of accountability and a denial of Facebook's continuing inclination to remain on regulatory control's wild frontier.

Also on Monday, a bipartisan group of attorneys-general representing 37 USA states wrote a joint letter to Facebook demanding answers to what led to the breach and how the company allowed it to happen. Lawsuits by the Department of Justice to block future acquisitions of competitors on antitrust grounds will do little to prevent Facebook from developing its own competing products and stifling the competitors' growth, as it has done with Snapchat.

The hearings were not about the privacy of Americans, who voluntarily relinquish that privacy when they choose to open a Facebook account and then choose to post personal data on their page to seek the approval of family, friends and complete strangers. Facebook says that after it learned of the situation in 2015, it removed Kogan's app and demanded that he "and all parties he had given data to" destroy the data.

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Facebook has been embroiled in controversy after it emerged that Cambridge Analytica improperly shared data from 87 million users of the online social media and social networking service company. It's the price of using Facebook.

The proximate cause is the Cambridge Analytica controversy. Cambridge Analytica is just a salvo across our bow. And what if Clinton had won the election and done so in part because of successful mining of Facebook data? This is known as "psychographic" targeting or modeling. These apps are likely to be selling our personal information to outside companies for their own benefit. Its London-based affiliate, SCL Group, has a history of dubious tricks in elections around the globe. It was founded in 2013 by former Renaissance Technologies co-CEO Robert Mercer, a major supporter of Trump in 2016; Trump's campaign manager, Steve Bannon, served on the firm's board. How do we deal with the new public sphere as it operates?' " She added: "People mistakenly think that Facebook sells your data. They came out for round two like neophyte pugilists, wild and below-the-belt punches flying around, forcing the champion to duck and dive because as long as he stayed on his feet he stood a chance of knocking them out with a simple left hook, which he really did not want to deliver because it was a David and Goliath struggle.

That remains to be seen.

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But there was a clear warning that if the Assad regime resorts to chemical weapons again, then further strikes may well follow. Hill says in 2013, the Russians promised to oversee the withdrawal of chemical weapons from Syria .

Concerns over Facebook potentially sharing users' direct messages with external agents were previously raised by data journalist and researcher Jonathan Albright who, in a March 20 blog post, suggested that Facebook's application programming interface (API) was capable of collecting user data for years. Tools to download or delete your data, also required by GDPR, have been available for years, he said.

Zuckerberg repeatedly assured lawmakers that he didn't believe the company violated its 2011 agreement with FTC. The company would face millions of dollars in fines if it were found to have violated that pact.

Facebook shares dropped nearly 18 percent in the 10 days after the news broke on March 17. Lujan asked if these are what is known as "shadow profiles", but Zuckerberg said he is "not familiar" with that term. But I do know when I click on links if I'm on Facebook to look at something, a shoe, knee brace, cruise or whatever, it's not a coincidence I instantly get ads for those things.

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Well, that makes us feel a whole lot better.