Justin Bieber Stops a Man Who Attacks a Woman at Coachella Bash


The incident erupted as he was talking to other guests, when the attacker apparently "went ballistic".

This didn't fly with Bieber - who himself has had a few run-ins with the law - so he intervened and "punched the guy in the face and threw him against the wall", allowing the distressed woman to break free.

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While at a Coachella Music Festival party on Sunday, April 15, the pop star came to the defense of a woman who was being assaulted by her former boyfriend.

Whatever the connection, the guy suddenly grabbed the woman by the throat and wouldn't let go. When he refused to listen Bieber allegedly punched him in the face and pushed him against a wall, causing him to lose his grip on the woman's throat.

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Eyewitnesses say the guy was grabbing the woman by the throat when Justin and his pals screamed at the guy to let her go.

As a result, the perpetrator in question was thrown out of the party a short time later. Sources also claim that the man was seen outside the party screaming obscenities and physically attacking an SUV he believed contained Bieber. The man, who was not named in the report, was seen screaming Bieber's name and trying to hit the vehicle.

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Local police officers arrested him later that evening.