Boy, 13, helps find 1000 year old treasure in Germany


Archaeologists are now digging at the site - and have found a hoard of treasure linked to the Danish king known as "Harald Bluetooth", from whom the wireless technology gets its name.

Archaeologists have made a valuable find on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen.

Amateur archaeologist Rene Schön and 13-year-old treasurer hunter Luca Malaschnitschenko first unearthed the hoard in January, and recently joined a regional archaeology group to excavate about 4,300 square feet (400 square meters) to see what other treasures lay buried in the soil.

Luca saw a tiny piece of metal on the field and thought it was nothing more than aluminum garbage. Luca and his teacher were asked to keep the discovery confidential until the entire excavation is complete.

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More than 100 of the coins have Christian crosses on them and are believed to have been minted in the kingdom of Bluetooth.

The silver coins are probably from the reign of Harald Gormsson, better known as "Harald Bluetooth".

"This was the (biggest) discovery of my life", hobby archaeologist Rene Schoen told the German news agency dpa.

Gormsson was one of the last Viking kings of Denmark and became popular for bringing Christianity to the country.

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The technology, developed to wirelessly link computers with cellular devices, was named after Bluetooth because of his knack for unification. He's also credited with uniting swathes of modern-day Norway, Germany, Sweden and Denmark under his rule. According to experts, engaged in excavation, was found the largest treasure trove of all that was ever found in the southern part of the Baltic sea. He died a year later in A.D. 987.

"We have here the rare case of a discovery that appears to corroborate historical sources", archaeologist Detlef Jantzen said.

Because they stayed silent concerning their original sighting, the full treasure trove was retrieved.

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