Google Launches New Gmail Design Soon


Google is expected to implement new design changes within Gmail for all users within the next couple weeks. By the time this feature is rolled out to all users, the exact mechanics of the feature may work differently than described-the utility of an un-downloadable attachment, as the above text implies, is somewhat limited.

Google's gmail is one of the most popular email services worldwide. If you receive an email in "confidential mode" while using the actual version of Gmail, you will not be able to open nor read the email from your inbox.

Microsoft is also including a similar feature to the one Google is working on to its service.

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There's now no word on a final release date for the new Gmail, however, a message to early access testers hints at a launch date in the coming weeks.

An expiry date - after which the email vanishes from the recipients' inbox - is also possible in the redesigned Gmail app.

Among the many features that were spotted earlier this week, TechCrunch reports that a Confidential Mode will also be introduced which will allow users to choose whether they want the recipient to be able to forward the email content, restrict them from copy and pasting, downloading or printing them, and even choose if they want the email to self-destruct. This is perhaps the most useful part of the redesign that makes it easier to schedule meetings, or see when you're free when replying to an email.

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Smart Reply - Smart Reply suggests three responses you might send based on the content of an email you received.

If you're sent an expiring email you want to secretly squirrel away, all you need to do is capture an image of the screen to peruse the message at your leisure. Smart replies offer suggestions for quick one-line replies within emails.

Snooze an email - You tag an email with a time stamp and it disappears from your inbox and reappears at the time you've chosen. The default layout highlights details and attachments, comfort keeps highlights hidden, and compact is comparable to the current Gmail design.

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In times when privacy and confidentiality seem to be at risk, this new confidential mode could be a huge success among Gmail users.