Israeli soldiers wound 3 Palestinians along Gaza border


The most recently discovered tunnel was deemed "ready for use" by the IDF, and because it was part of a system of tunnels, potentially could have been used by a large number of terrorists to infiltrate Israel, according to an Israeli news report.

Israel says its army has destroyed the longest and deepest tunnel ever dug by Palestinian Islamists Hamas on Sunday.

It was the fifth Gazan tunnel destroyed by Israel in recent months, Conricus said.

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The militant Islamic Jihad group said four of its members were killed Saturday in a "work accident" in the southern Gaza Strip along the border with Israel. Israel has placed a high priority on halting the tunnel threat since Hamas infiltrated Israel during the war. During the most recent conflict in 2014, Israel destroyed 32 tunnels.

The IDF plans to have sensors deployed all around the perimeter of Gaza by the end of next year.

By the end of next year, the IDF will deploy sensors as part of the laboratory's tools all along the border, and will complete both underground and overground barriers at the border, as part of a Gaza border defense project estimated to total some 3.5 billion USA dollars, Israel's Hadashot TV news reported. The United States has even invested $120 million in Israeli technology to detect underground activity to protect the border with Mexico. The military chose to destroy the tunnel by sealing it up rather than bombing it.

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The Hamas tunnel began below the Gaza Strip and went on for "several kilometres", well into Israeli territory, the IDF said. "It extended into Israel and violated Israeli sovereignty".

The tunnel crossed into Israeli territory by several yards but did not yet have an exit point, military spokesman Jonathan Conricus told journalists.

The laboratory personnel work closely with the intelligence personnel and the engineering forces and other units in the field until the tunnel is located, through its study and until it is dealt with, according to the IDF.

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The IDF cracked down on the violent riots with riot control methods and firing snipers at the ankles of violent rioters.