Tonight's WWE Superstar Shakeup Will Affect Their Bossier City Show


As was the case previous year, several superstars will be on the move between the Raw and SmackDown brands.

Being someone who likes to look at the positive side of the coin, I won't be giving out grades. While Asuka already jumped to Smackdown to face Charlotte, it hasn't been determined which brand she'll be staying with.

Jinder Mahal: Mahal arrived to his new home to kickoff Raw with the United States championship, but he didn't leave with it thanks to genearl manager Kurt Angle making him defend his title against Jeff Hardy. We'll be back tomorrow night with a recap of Raw superstars who were traded to Smackdown.

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"The Modern Day Maharaja" Jinder Mahal may make Monday nights his new home.

Per #RAW Commissioner @StephMcMahon, @SamiZayn & #KevinOwens have OFFICIALLY joined the #RAW roster!

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have jobs again! Mind you, they were unsuccessful pushes that appeared to be out of touch with reality, but the WWE seems not to have given up on the Lone Wolf. During the segment with Titus Worldwide, Dolph Ziggler let the world know that he had not arrived on Monday nights all alone as he brought Drew McIntyre with him. They have been one of the standout duos in NXT throughout the past year, and it would be incredible to see them take their act to Raw. He begins to cut a promo about one thing that's changed for him but is cut off by Titus Worldwide. Not only can Sheamus & Cesaro work as a tag team for the immediate future, they add two formidable heels to wrestle singles from time to time. It would also allow her to revisit her rivalries with Asuka and Sasha Banks. As seen below, Zack Ryder indicated on Twitter that he has returned to RAW but as of this writing his change has not been confirmed on TV. Last week, Moon teamed up with Raw Women's Champion Nia Jax to defeat James and former champ Alexa Bliss. They could also find themselves in the hunt for tag team gold. First, Kurt Angle comes out to open the show, and the crowd is obviously excited to get to whatever surprises are coming. He could also end up feuding with Braun Strowman since he's the only other big man that Strowman hasn't tangled with. Maybe a run on Raw is in the cards for The Showoff, who has had more ups and downs in recent years than Sisyphus.

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Naomi and Bayley could also use a change of scenery after spending the past two years with their respective brands.

Fans have wanted to see the two collide since Miz dished out a verbal tirade against Bryan on "Talking Smack", back in 2016.

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