Trump Defends Use of 'Mission Accomplished' Phrase for Syria Strike


The U.S., France and Britain launched military strikes on Saturday morning in Syria to punish Assad for an apparent chemical attack against civilians last week and to deter him from doing it again.

In an indication that the West, too, would prefer to lower tensions, the USA and Britain both reiterated that their military action on Saturday was not aimed at Assad, Putin's ally, only at his use of chemical weapons. "There won't be anything, or anyone, even close!"

In his national address an hour prior to the Pentagon press conference, President Trump condemned Russian Federation and Iran for backing the Assad regime and demanded the two nations withdraw their support for Syria's "barbarism and brutality".

As suspicions strengthened that the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad have again used chemical weapons, the United States launched a concerted operation with Britain and France.

Father Sabbagh says despite Syrians being frustrated about the bombings, those that attacked Syria should not expect any retaliation from naturalized Syrians.

The strikes were the biggest foreign military action so far against Syria's regime.

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He was speaking to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani by telephone the day after US-led strikes on suspected chemical weapons facilities.

Many here in the metro area have been following this conflict in Syria closely and have strong views on weather or not these strikes will help.

The Damascus sky lights up with missile fire as the US launches an attack on Syria targeting different parts of the capital early Saturday, April 14, 2018.

The U.S ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley warned the "locked and loaded" if Syria uses chemical weapons again.

The measure would instruct the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to report within 30 days on whether Syria has fully disclosed its chemical weapons stockpile.

Marine Lt Gen Kenneth F McKenzie director, Joint Staff, told reporters that the US, France and Britain in all deployed 105 missiles against three targets.

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Assad also declined to comment on calls by the U.S. state department to declare alleged Syrian stockpiles of chemical weapons, Zheleznyak said.

The team of experts are set to investigate the April 7 attack east of the capital Damascus, which Bashar al Assad's regime and its Russian ally deny ever took place.

With Russian involvement in Syria and Moscow condemning Saturday's allied missile strike, Haley acknowledged that U.S.

Syrian state media called them a "flagrant violation of global law", while Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called it a crime and the Western leaders criminals. "Chemical weapons have been prohibited for decades and we must enforce this prohibition".

The three sites included the Barzah chemical-weapons research and development center near Damascus that was hit by 76 missiles and "destroyed".

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