290-horsepower VW Golf GTI TCR road vehicle on the way


The production vehicle will follow several months later, toward the end of the year.

Volkswagen has released a few teaser sketches for the Golf GTI TCR, the fastest GTI ever.

Set to make its appearance in the metal at this year's GTI meeting at Wörthersee in Austria from May 9-12, VW's new charger is a street-legal version of the 257kW Golf GTI TCR racing vehicle that competes in the World Touring auto Cup series.

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This year, VW has teased the Golf GTI TCR which it's knocking up to celebrate the fact it's the two-time victor of the global TCR race series. With the limited removed the top speed rises from 250 to 264km/h making this the fastest Golf GTI you can licence for public roads. The new GTI TCR Concept is just such a auto, but in VW's words is "very near production".

The GTI TCR gets a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission where the Clubsport saw only a manual, however, plus a locking front differential standard.

The TCR gets 286bhp, more power than the GTI Performance which has 242bhp and less than the Golf R which has 306bhp.

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In addition to the mechanical upgrades, the TCR also rides some 20mm lower than the standard GTI, integrating adaptive dampers as standard on 18-inch, or new 19-inch alloy wheels.

Inside the cabin Volkswagen has applied a range of bespoke finishes to the seats and steering wheel, the latter with a red 12 O'clock stripe to remind you that you're in something a little more special than a "normal" GTI. The changes are also set to make the upcoming model the most powerful series-production Golf GTI yet.

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