Valve is creating a Steam streaming app for smart devices


The Steam Video app will allow users to watch their favorite movies and television shows available on Steam directly on their Android or iOS devices.

This can be enabled by connecting a 5Ghz network or wired Ethernet to the Mac or PC host system, and then the content can be streamed to mobile, tablet, TV or Apple TV. This week, it's introducing two new free apps: Steam Link and Steam Video, which will both be rolled out in the next few weeks. Android access will initially be offered in beta. This means that you won't likely be playing games on the go.

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Elsewhere, in today's media release, the company announced a new Steam Video app is also slated for release on iOS and Android later this simmer. There is support for the Steam controller and other third-party controllers. Meanwhile, the Video app is now scheduled for the broad release window of "later this summer".

Given the number of Android-powered smart TVs out there along with Android and Apple TV boxes, if these apps work as advertised they just about make the Steam Link hardware obsolete. Valve hasn't shared all of the details yet, but it sounds like a great way to bring your PC games around the house with you.

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A second app, named Steam Video, will allow you to do the same for your Steam-based video via wi-fi or LTE, both in offline and streaming modes.

It's also unlikely that you'll be able to take your Steam games anywhere given the basic functionality of the technology, but that's another one of those features that we'll have to wait to hear more about when this app is officially available.

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