YouTube 'Take a Break' Feature Rolling Out on Android Devices


Google's YouTube gets a new feature which now lets users tell to stop watching the videos on the platform. There you could see the new feature with Remind me to take a break. The other new option lets users receive all their notification once every day, again at a specific time.

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The new controls and this reminder feature rolled out already and in order to make use of these new changes, you have to first go to the proper app store and update the YouTube app from there. However, the time can be adjusted as per convenience by the user. Notably, a brand new variant of the YouTube to get Android app is presently rolling out using a brand new "Have a rest" function in keeping with this subject. On the other, these same people run updates that will remind you that it is time to turn off the computer and do important things. For more information you can check out the below listed image.

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Now, the YouTube app will alert you if you're binging too much. A user can now see daily average video surfing time, the amount of time spent watching YouTube on the current day, yesterday along with the insight on the same for past seven days. Notably, the setting is optional and switched off by default. So let's take a look at how this Take a break feature works. In Google IO 2018, the search giant had introduced a Wellbeing initiative to help users comprehend that their digital habits and curb device addiction. After the video reaches the reminder that has been set the video will pause in the background and the viewer will be provided with the option to either dismiss the notification and resume the video, or go along with YouTube's advise to "take a break, there is more to life".

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