It's machines vs trolls as Twitter unveils new plan to silence abusers


Dorsey said that Twitter's 336 million monthly active users should expect a series of other changes over the next several months as the company explores ways to encourage tweets that are more civil.

Twitter is changing up its policies with regards to nasty tweets - not by banning them or the users who created them, but by hiding them from view.

Twitter only provided a few examples of the kind of signals they look for.

"Now, we're tackling issues of behaviours that distort and detract from the public conversation in those areas by integrating new behavioural signals into how tweets are presented", Twitter said.

In order to identify the behavior, the company has picked out certain patterns of behavior which it associates with troll-like accounts.

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Twitter's rules already prohibit abuse, and it can suspend or block offenders once someone reports them.

Essentially, Twitter is making a strong effort to distinguish itself from its competitors right now, particularly since we live in a post-Cambridge Analytica world, where social media platforms must convince their customers that the integrity and quality assurance inherent to their services remain protected and secure at all costs. While still a small overall number, these accounts have a disproportionately large - and negative - impact on people's experience on Twitter.

"The challenge for us has been: how can we proactively address these disruptive behaviours that do not violate our policies but negatively impact the health of the conversation".

"There are many new signals we're taking in, most of which are not visible externally", the post reads.

Abusive accounts, according to Dorsey, will be monitored by how often they tweet to someone who does not follow them, whether they have confirmed their email address, and if their language is appropriate. "We're also looking at how accounts are connected to those that violate our rules and how they interact with each other".

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Twitter executives Harvey and Gascam said that the initiative is part of an ongoing attempt "to improve the health of the public conversation on Twitter".

These signals will now be considered in how we organize and present content in communal areas like conversation and search.

Now the company is taking steps to mute posts that don't facilitate healthy conversation.

Twitter says that abuse reports were down 8% in conversations where this feature was being tested.

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