Aliens Exist However Might Be In Parallel Universe


Should the search for alien life in our universe come up empty-handed, it might be worth checking in on a neighboring universe instead.

As per an worldwide team of scientists, alien life could be present in a parallel universe, as per studies. One of the questions posed by this hypothesis is whether other Universes could harbour life. Scientists have previously thought that such parallel universes, if they exist, would have to meet an extremely strict set of criteria to allow for the formation of stars, galaxies and life-fostering planets like those seen in our own universe.

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Professor Richard Bower of Durham University's Institute for Computational Cosmology stated that "The formation of stars in a universe is a battle between the attraction of gravity and the repulsion of dark energy". Appending massive amounts would lead to such a speedy growth that it would lessen the matter before any stars, planets or life could form.

The researchers designed a programme in computer simulations to check the required conditions for the formation of life and its limitations. And they find out that Dark energy plays an important role to form such conditions.

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Previous theories recommended our universe has the best quantity of dark energy, which acts versus gravity and is making the universes broaden at a sped up rate. The simulations were processed under the EAGLE (Evolution and Assembly of Galaxies and their Environments) project, one of the most pragmatic simulations of the observed Universe. The dark energy is defined as the odd force, which is triggering the universe to expand.

Some recommended this implied that, in some areas, deep space is still broadening and will continue to grow definitely. These universes would be populated with Earthlike planets, societies, and perhaps even alien life that is quite like ourselves. "We have a lucky enough ticket and live in the universe that forms attractive galaxies which permit life as we know it". This idea proves that life can exist anywhere in the Multiverse.

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Now, researchers from Durham University, the University of Sydney, Western Sydney University and the University of Western Australia claim that life could be common throughout the so-called various multiverses.