Apple and Samsung are back in court over seven-year patent dispute


Apple and Samsung are confronting each other in a California court for a third trial including a similar arrangement of five patents.

Apple is claiming $1 billion awards from Samsung during the damages retrial this week. After Samsung agreed to pay some damages, the case went to the US Supreme Court in 2016 and was returned to Koh with an order to revisit a $399 million portion of damages. 'It's a particularly significant period for Samsung to have been infringing, ' Vellturo said, given this is the point the customer enters such an ecosystem.

"The only way Apple can come up with $1bn in damages is by saying the article of manufacture applies to the whole phone", Quinn said. Samsung, meantime, has requested the jury to restrict damages to $28 million.

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In the six years between then and now, the two companies have been duking it out in the courts to determine whether Samsung needs to pay damages based on the total value of the iPhone it copied or just a fine based on the design elements of the phone it nicked.

'We were really risking everything that was making Apple successful at the time, ' Joswiak said. Samsung provides key components to Apple's flagship laptops, smartphones and table computers.

Despite the high-profile court battle, Samsung keeps maintaining complex business relations with Apple. Expert Michael Wagner is expected to offer evidence of how much Apple spends on items such as screen glass to help calculate damages. In any case, a crisp hearing wound up fundamental after a Supreme Court controlling on how the punishments were figured.

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They are called "enlisted plans" in Europe and most parts of the world, however "outline patents" in the US. The design patents that Samsung infringed concern the physical shape that would become the iPhone, the bezel, and the colorful grid of icons.

The latest trial kicked off in San Jose, Calif., after a judge previous year found the jury instructions in the original 2012 trial misstated the law and ordered a new trial. Apple was initially granted $1.05bn (£772m) in 2012 after a jury found the South Korean firm had encroached a few of the iPhone's developments. While Apple says that it constitutes the entire phone, Samsung disagrees, asserting that it could be applied specifically to separate components within a phone.

Samsung has argued that consumers have other reasons to buy a phone other than its original design.

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