Command & Conquer: Rivals Announced For Smartphones


Command & Conquer: Rivals is a simplified 1v1 combat game built for small-scale, on-the-go real-time strategy (RTS) play.

A new "Command and Conquer" game is coming to mobile devices, EA announced today. Rivals features two factions and RTS gameplay that balances unit placement and resource management, with gameplay taking place over the Internet against both friends and strangers. Android users will be able to pre-register starting today, and U.S. and Canada players may be able to try the pre-alpha.

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Arrivals is coming to iOS and Android devices, with an open beta now available on the latter devices.

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There will likely be different varieties of maps and game modes available as well.

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We all know that free Android games aren't always free these days, but many of them are very close if you have a little patience. Rivals, players choose a Commander to lead their forces, each with his own abilities that can influence the gameplay style. Players will mine tiberium and spawn as many units as possible to hold onto these zones by any means necessary. This game could be EA's way to take on Supercell's successful game Clash Royale, and we'll find out eventually if it's successful. "We, the development team, are committed to delivering a fun, fair, and competitive experience for all players." stated Martinez. Let alone giving it E3 stage time.

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