E3 2018: BioWare Intends to Return to Mass Effect in the Future


Anthem, the new third-person shooter from BioWare, will be the crown jewel of EA's event this year, as the publisher has already revealed that it will be debuting a new story trailer, more gameplay footage, a combat showcase, insights from the game's developers, and a look behind the scenes at the game's art direction. That includes promising not to sell cosmetic upgrades through loot boxes.

Oddly enough, BioWare has announced in a full cover story with Game Informer that the game will not feature any romantic relationships between players.

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Anthem also marks the return of Casey Hudson, formerly the director of the Mass Effect trilogy, to Bioware, and his imprint seems to be evident on the game's development. In the game you play as a young woman who's loneliness has turned her into a monster and her quest leads her to find out why she has become such a monster, and how she can once again become human. But delays have not dampened anticipation for the game, because everything we've been shown looks fantastic. They also showed off some new gameplay quirks but not much else. Essentially, BioWare's goal is to get Anthem players playing together and the implication is that having NPC squadmates would take something away from that sort of experience.

Called the Legion of Dawn Edition, it comes with Legendary Armor Packs for all four of the game's Javelin power suit types (Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm).

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This will mean teaming up with three other players, wielding an arsenal of Javelin exosuits, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities. They have achieved this by making the base areas single player but the wider world is a persistent multiplayer space right down to every player experiencing weather effects at the same time. The javelins will have customizable gear, which will affect the gameplay, and some visual options to add as well. The highly anticipated action-RPG will arrive on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on February 22, 2019.

BioWarewent into a deep-dive for Anthem, explaining how the game will work. That's a big difference from its key rivals, Destiny and The Division, which have both had a PvP mode in all their releases so far (though there's a lot we don't yet know about The Division 2).

E3 2018: Every Reveal from the EA E3 Conference
The highly anticipated action title is set for release on February 22 , 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The team will do this by continuously adding new stories missions and locations to the game after launch.