Fighting game Dead or Alive 6 announced, to release in early 2019


The trailer revealed that Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Hayate, Helena, Jann Lee, and Zack will be returning for this title.

"Before, super meters were considered as inappropriate for 3D fighting games". "It can feel disappointing if a game you used to enjoy no longer feels familiar, so we didn't want to change the core mechanics", Shimbori said. Another update regarding the game is soon to come.

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The trailer has first been published on IGN, and discovers the next-gen Dead or Alive crew. Characters will also sustain visible wounds and shed blood as they take damage, as you can see a glimpse of at the end of the trailer.

The character designs have also been toned down from previous entries to the series, this time on goal. The game looks more serious this time around, as there is less emphasis on the series' trademark over the top sexual portrayal of its female characters, this time opting to give them less revealing costumes.

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The latest entry in the venerable fighting game series has arrived, as Dead or Alive 6 has been made official prior to E3 2018.

The new engine the game is built on allows for "dynamic facial expressions", allowing characters to react appropriately as they exert energy attacking or taking hits, as well as glistening with sweat after laying down a brutal combo.

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The final character roster is not set yet, but Shimbori is planning on adding some new fighters to the mix with some classic, popular characters.