KFC To Test Vegetarian Alternative To Famous Original Chicken Recipe


KFC says it will sell meat-free "chicken" in 2019 as part of a strategy to get its customers eating healthier.

This week, the chicken-life "vegetarian options" were announced for British KFC locations.

The U.K. arm of the storied fried chicken chain is putting the idea to the test with a meatless offering that promises all the secret herbs and spices without the company's best-known ingredient.

"We always look to respond to the latest changes in lifestyle and dining habits of our customers and a key part of that for our business in the United Kingdom is offering lighter options and more choice", the company said in an e-mail.

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We don't know how KFC plans to make its veggie chicken substitute, but presumably the global chain won't just wing it.

KFC UK told Foodbeast that it is still working on the recipe and plans to test it with customers this year and launch the product next year.

The initiative may come as a surprise for lovers of KFC's original chicken recipe.

McDonald's introduced a soy-based McVegan burger to its restaurants in Sweden and Finland in late December.

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In April, White Castle introduced a plant-based burger, the product of an alliance with a startup called Impossible Foods, at 140 locations in New York, New Jersey and IL.

Meanwhile, KFC's USA team has indicated to Foodbeast that the vegetarian option won't be introduced in the country and there are "no plans related to the U.K.'s test at this time".

KFC is not the only company looking to shake up its established menu.

KFC said it has its own goal to cut calories in its menu items over the next seven years in Britain.

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It suggested that food chains change the recipe of their products, reduce the portion size, and encourage their customers to opt for lower calorie products.