Sea of Solitude Reveals Trailer and Story Details at E3 2018


Following the incredible critical success of A Way Out a year ago, EA is doubling down on its EA Originals program to promote indie titles.

Berlin-based indie studio Jo-Mei Games is joining EA with its upcoming title Sea of Solitude, which is slated for 2019. "This at the core of the story of 'SOS'".

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We got our very first glimpse of Sea of Solitude way back in 2015.

As the trailer below shows, the world seems to be a a partially flooded ruin that can seem nearly peaceful and quaint at times.

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The game is already featured on EA's website, and the theme of loneliness is reiterated there.

At today's EA Play event for E3 2018, the publisher has announced a new game as part of its EA Originals label: Sea of Solitude. It's her quest to discover what happened to herself, as she encounters other monsters on a small boat through a partly submerged city.

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Set in a beautifully painted world that looks like a watercolour come to life, you'll be playing as a young woman named Kay, who's so lonely that she's been transformed into something. not human.