Unemployment drops in Calgary while national rate remains steady


When it comes to encouraging employment, Victoria is ahead of the country (and tied with Québec City) at 3.9%, according to Statistics Canada's latest report.

The federal agency says the number of people working in the area climbed by 1,400 in May.

The region's unemployment rate was 5.0 per cent, up from 4.8 per cent in April.

Kavcic said that combined with other recent economic data including a strong trade report this week, the Bank of Montreal is maintaining its forecast for the Bank of Canada to raise its key interest rate in July.

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The overall drop in the number of jobs came as full-time jobs fell by 31,000, offset in part by a gain of 23,600 part-time positions. The unemployment rate remained steady because the labour force, which includes those looking for work, increased by a similar amount. The professional, scientific and technical services sector added 17,000 an transportation and warehousing added 12,000.

Gains in employment rose by 18,000 in accommodation and food services, driven by growth in British Columbia.

The unemployment rate in Northeast B.C. jumped 1.6 percent in the last month to reach 7.9 percent in May.

Provincially, employment was little changed in most provinces.

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Northeast B.C.'s unemployment rate was the second-highest of any region in B.C. The lowest rate of unemployment was recorded in the Lower Mainland where only 4.4 percent of the labour force was without work, while the next lowest rate on Vancouver Island was 5.2 percent.

Those numbers were offset by an increase in part-time job creation, leaving Canada's unemployment rate unchanged at 5.8 per cent.

Prince Albert, year-over-year, remains on a somewhat positive trend, posting an unemployment rate of 7.6 per cent in May, down from 10.7 this time last year.

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