‘I took bullets’: Weepy Dennis Rodman claims credit for Trump-Kim summit


With the Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting now in full effect, in an event known as the Singapore Summit, the world's media are going a bit insane, for obvious reasons.

When asked if he was happy with how the summit was going so far, Rodman said: "I'm happy, it's up to those guys to try and figure out how to get along as individuals first, instead of talk about war and stuff like that". While some can't get over the fact that Dennis was crying, other's are more bothered by the fact that he is suggesting he's the reason behind the summit. And I believed in North Korea, but I couldn't even go home.

"Crazy Dennis Rodman is saying I wanted to go to North Korea with him". Rodman said Obama "just brushed me off" and "didn't even give me the time of day". I still kept going back.

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Clapper responded: "I agree, Chris.as weird as it is. this whole thing is unconventional". I never had no one to hear me, I had no one to see me. "I'm so happy", wiping away tears from beneath a large pair of black sunglasses. North Korean observers have noted that the country's dictatorial ruling family has always wanted to meet with a USA president for the symbolism and recognition inherent in such a summit. He wants to come to America.

Rodman also goes back years with Mr Trump and appeared on his Celebrity Apprentice show. Rodman, however, said that Trump thanked him and said he was "proud of him". "Glad I fired him on Apprentice!". Today is a great day for everybody, Singapore, Tokyo, China, everybody ... it's a great day.

It marks a contrast from 2014, when Trump tweeted about Rodman being "either drunk or on drugs" in response to the former National Basketball Association star's suggestion the two might travel to North Korea together.

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Trump landed in Singapore a little after 8:30 p.m. local time for the highly-anticipated meeting with the North Korean leader, which is set to take place on Tuesday. He added though that every time he has met with Kim Jong Un, it has been a surprise. He also said that he understands English when he talks about basketball, a sport North Koreans allegedly enjoy.

The NBA Hall of Famer traveled to Singapore ahead of the historic summit between Trump and Kim, though he is not expected to play a role in the meeting. "He is trying to protect his people and trying to protect his honor and everything that has to do with his country".

"Let's just hope for the best. I told everybody that "the door will open", he recalled.

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