Vienna possible venue for Putin-Trump summit


Some say that only when Putin changes his behavior and begins acting like a civilized human being can he be treated to a photo opportunity with the American president. Russian Federation was expelled from the group - which now includes France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the US - following its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has voiced her support for a G7 statement which highlighted the need to keep sanctions on Russian Federation. Xi and Putin also pledged in a joint declaration to make "all possible efforts" to preserve the worldwide accord on Iran's nuclear program that U.S. President Donald Trump abandoned last month.

Trump was reacting to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said Saturday that Canada would retaliate for Trump's proposed new tariffs. The latter now includes the United States, Canada, Japan, Britain, Italy, France and Germany.

Mr Trump had earlier called for Putin's country to be readmitted to the group in the interest of world politics.

It was always an awkward fit, however, not just because of the rampant corruption in post-Soviet Russia and the fact that unlike the other democracies it has been ruled by a strongman for the past 18 years, but also because Russia is neither an ally of the other countries nor an important economic power. This de-confliction is crucial for preventing another direct clash between USA and Russian forces, like the one in February (see EDM, February 15, 20)-confirmed by Trump but denied by Putin, who keeps praising the "noble mission" of the Russian intervention (RIA Novosti, June 7).

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Taking to the U.S. president's favourite social media, Twitter, Mr Conte wrote: "I agree with President Trump: Russia should return to the G8".

Dismissing everything you might have heard from Sean Hannity, you have to ask yourself, "What the fuck does Putin have on Trump?"

But a U.S. -Russia summit isn't a reward for Putin, who does not need any kind of legitimacy from Washington.

"This Group came together because of shared beliefs and shared responsibilities".

Trump's "America First" message to allies has hardened since he brought hardline national security adviser John Bolton on to his team. The point isn't that each of those deals was ideal, but to Trump they were disastrous primarily because they involved the United States joining with other countries in the hopes that everyone could emerge better off.

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"Trump's policies justified (the) growing closeness, especially for Russian Federation but also for China given the volatile relationship with the United States", Repnikova told AFP.

This marks Trump's second summit of the G-7, an informal gathering every year under a rotating chairmanship.

The US leader fired off a series of messages on Twitter hitting out at his counterparts before the summit even opened.

"True, the seven are still richer in per capita income, as they say, but the SCO economies are larger, and their population is much larger, too - half the world's population", Putin told reporters in Qingdao, according to a transcript of his remarks issued by the Kremlin. Donald Trump's style is to go it alone. Trump will be meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for a historic summit. "The reached agreements were reflected in the adopted Joint Statement, as well as in some signed interagency agreements", the Russian president said.

President Trump doesn't want anything to do with that.

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