WH adviser Navarro apologizes for 'special place in hell' slam at Trudeau


Trudeau said he had reiterated to Trump, who left the G-7 meeting before it ended, that tariffs would harm industries and workers on both sides of the U.S. ("It's either 17 but it could actually be 100") and Trudeau's press conference after the G7 summit ("Justin probably didn't know that Airforce One has about 20 televisions"). They take effect July 1. The vehicle tariffs could apply to all countries, including Nafta partners Mexico and Canada, the two biggest exporters of autos to the U.S. President Donald Trump: "Just my touch, my feel".

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro apologised for saying there was "a special place in hell" for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"We have a big trade deficit with Canada". If that happened, global average tariff rates would more than triple from 2.7 percent to 10.2 percent. "There's no question it would be felt".

Kudlow, 70, at one point referred to Canada's leader as "Pierre Trudeau", confusing the 46-year-old prime minister with his late father, who served in the same capacity for more than 15 years between 1968 and 1984 and died in 2000. Overall, average incomes in the USA would be 0.4 percent lower in 2020 than they would otherwise have been.

One particular source of his ire recently has been Canada's supply management system, which levels tariffs of up to 300 per cent on imported dairy products.

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"It's not an economically feasible prospect to import vehicles to the US market in a 25 percent tariff situation", she said.

The U.S. accounts for about three-quarters of the military spending of all 29 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members, according to the alliance. While total Canadian production may decline by 135,000 units between 2016 and 2020, Mexico's are forecast to rise by 850,000.

It is unclear if Mr Trump's focus on getting tough with trade partners and solving the North Korean nuclear issue will have some influence on voters in the mid-term congressional elections in November.

"It would potentially bring down the entire economy and push it into a recession", he said. The ire directed at the prime minister by Trump and his advisors had confused some trade observers since the comments seemed to be just a reiteration of what the prime minister had said previously and not a personal insult. "The escalation is starting to happen", Schuster said.

Navarro lashed out on Fox News following a multi-day tirade by Trump and his administration over trade and Canada's response to tariffs imposed by the U.S.

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US President Donald Trump (right) talking with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (centre) and surrounded by other world leaders during a meeting of the G7 Summit in Canada. Merkel also said the European Union would "act" against the US trade measures. But Trudeau's absence was also likely part of a deliberate strategy to not add fuel to the Trump fire.

"Stay calm, keep moving forward, be the adult and come back with meaningful and substantive policies at the table that makes sense to arrive at an appropriate NAFTA outcome".

Trump is targeting Canada's supply management system for dairy and poultry as unfair, even though the USA runs a $333 million trade surplus with Canada on dairy and a $1.9 billion trade surplus in agriculture and agi-food.

He is urging USA officials to focus on unfair trade practices, like steel dumping by China.

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