Hideo Kojima Teases More Familiar Stars for Death Stranding


For instance, we've known Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead", "The Boondock Saints") is going to act as the protagonist and at least one playable character.

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The Death Stranding trailer track was by Silent Poets featuring Leila Adu, and is called "Asylums for the Feeling". The gameplay ended with Reedus' capture as he is dragged down into a pit of darkness. It also means we're no closer to figuring out what the hell this game is about. In addition to Reedus and Seydoux, the cast includes Mads Mikkelsen and Lindsay Wagner. For now, we just have to be content with this new trailer from E3 2018. Each trailer released for the upcoming title appears more freakish - and intriguing - than the last.

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A new female character made an appearance near the end of the trailer, unidentified at this time, and both she and Sam hid from an approaching invisible threat. To make things even stranger, we see a sequence where a character uses a baby powered device to evade the clutches of stringy supernatural ghosts, albeit unsuccessfully.

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I'm sure some people love that Kojima is keeping us guessing without providing any hint as to what this game actually is. This year's PlayStation E3 event is definitely no different and opens up more questions that it answers. Right now, there is no release date or window for Death Stranding, but the game will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Hideo explains that for the goal of her role in the game, his studio went through the process of recreating Wagner's younger self from her recent 3D scan data.